Online Herbalist Course: Foundations of Western Herbalism

Discover an online herbalist course taught by Master Herbalist Chris Marano RH, MA, BA entitled Foundations of Western Herbal Medicine, Part 1

This online herbalist course utilizes multiple lenses on human health to provide a comprehensive understanding that conventional medicine misses and ignores

Do you want to have a greater understanding of human health from the joined perspectives of multiple healing traditions coupled with modern approaches?

Are you longing to know and make use of the natural plant medicines that are available everywhere around us?

Do you want to learn and digest this information from the comfort of your home and on the time schedule that fits your life best?

If so, then you need to immerse yourself with this online herbal medicine course from herbalist Chris Marano of Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine. This online herbalist course will provide you with a diverse and comprehensive set of theory and skills to help better understand humans and herbs. You will discover tools, awareness skills, theoretical and hands-on learning, and different lenses for understanding, integrating, balancing and healing ourselves, and in so doing, building a solid foundation upon which to help others to do the same. Learn more about the course, including free previews and an introductory video, when you visit the registration page for Foundations of Western Herbal Medicine, Part 1.

Register and start taking this online herbalist course at Teachable now!Western herbal medicine courses online: An online herbalist course

Cultivate the healer within through these online herbal medicine courses

Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine and Chris Marano provide this opportunity through its “Cultivating the Healer Within” Foundations of Herbal Medicine series.

The Foundations of Western Herbal Medicine course — the first installment of the “Cultivating the Healer Within” series — begins with a systematic and comprehensive exploration of human beings and human health through the lenses of traditional Western-European, and First Nations/Native American. This is fused and interwoven with contemporary scientific and medical understanding.

In order to help others, we first have to learn how to help ourselves. This course takes you from the underlying principles of these healing paradigms to practical exercises to help you begin to embrace and embody the skills and tools that are everywhere around us and, even more importantly, innately part of each and every one of us.

In taking this course, you are embarking upon a path to establishing a foundation for your own herbal practice, and if you have already traveled on such a learning path, Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine offers a unique combination of diverse healing modalities that will enrich and deepen what you already know.

Take a look as Chris Marano discusses this new online herbalist course in this short introductory clip:

The Foundations of Western Herbal Medicine course provides a rich tapestry of herbal wisdom, including the following:

  • A comparison of the health paradigms of holism and allopathy
  • Qualities and characteristics of a modern herbalist
  • An explanation of different types of herbalism today
  • Historical and philosophical overview of European medicine tradition
  • Historical and philosophical overview of Native American medicine tradition
  • Vitalism

The skills and information you will learn and can adapt into your herbalism practice from Foundations of Western Herbal Medicine, Part 1 online herbalist course include:

  • The six tissue states
  • Holism vs. allopathy
  • Qualities of an herbalist
  • Medicinal plant knowledge (Materia Medica)
  • Elements, humors and temperaments
  • Tastes and energetics for assessing medicinal value of food and herbs
  • Western medicine terms and vocabulary
  • Native American healing traditions and medicines
  • Self cultivation and sensory awareness exercises to better understand ourselves, health nature and plant medicinesWestern herbal medicine courses online

The benefits of an online herbalist course from Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine

The online herbal medicine classes from Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine provide a unique and comprehensive look at herbalism. Not only will you be learning from a master herbalist with decades of experience, but it will be from a perspective that joins Native American medicine tradition with European medicine traditions. It then goes a step further and connects them both to the modern language of western medicine. 

This online herbalist course from Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine is the perfect educational program for any herbalist who:

  • Wishes to use herbal medicine for self-enrichment
  • Wants to develop a craft or career in herbalism
  • Plans on, or currently is, practicing at a community or clinical level

Learn more and register now for Foundations of Western Herbal Medicine so you can add new lenses to your herbalism practice while propelling your herbal knowledge to new heights. 

What people are saying about Chris Marano as an educator of herbal knowledge

“Chris Marano is a rare healer with a heart. Combining both a tremendous background in herbal medicine with an extensive decades-long practice of Buddhist meditation, Chris brings sensitivity, clarity and compassion to his work with patients and students. Not every person truly loves what they do, but Chris does. This translates into long hours spent perfecting effective remedies, years of cultivating medicinal plants in his own gardens, and an aggressive teaching schedule that enables him to deliver an inspired message of healing and hope to large numbers of people. If we had more healers like Chris Marano, the world would be a far better place. He’s one of the good guys.”

Chris Kilham
Medicinal Plant Program, University of Massachusetts

“I think that you are probably one of the best herbal teachers I have ever listened to and learned from. You have an easy and gentle way of drawing people in and an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to herbal medicine. You are also very skilled at reading and understanding people. I think that attributes to your being such Western herbal medicine courses onlinea natural healer.”

Lesley Wooler
President (former), NEHA (Northeast Herbal Association), proprietor (former) of Herbwyfe

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