Herbalist Course Options Including Herbal Workshops, Seminars, and Services

Clearpath Herbals provides a variety of herbalist course offerings and herbal workshops that can be brought to your community

Drawing on his education, training and experience, Chris Marano offers a variety of herbalist course options, herbal workshops, seminars and services in herbalism, holistic health, meditation/mindfulness and stress reduction, as well as consultation services for those wishing assessment of their land for botanical medicines and potential for medicine gardens.

Classes, herbal workshops and seminars suitable for private groups, educational institutions (schools, colleges, libraries), health institutions (health centers, spas, and clinics, health stores and cooperatives, senior centers), conferences and festivals, corporations and businesses.

Land assessment services are suitable for private residences, farms, land trusts and anyone in the Northeast region requiring help identifying presence of or potential for medicinal botanicals, valuable native plants, and help designing and creating medicinal gardens.

students for an herbalist course and herbal workshops

Some Examples of Herbal Workshops and Courses 

Making Sense Of Herbal And Health Information

In our changing times, people are expressing a strong desire to take more control of their health and health options. Alternative medicine and herbal remedies are fast-rising industries, and the amount of information that is now available to the general public can be both overwhelming and confusing. There is a need for information that is clear, understandable, and applicable. This workshop will:

  • Compare Modern Western Medicine (allopathy), Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Eclectic Herbalism;
  • Discuss smart consumer awareness in relation to herbal products;
  • Compare alcohol tinctures, glycerin tinctures, teas, and capsules:
  • Explain the similarities and differences among creams, salves, oils, and liniments;
  • Describe “simples” and formulas, and explain where each one is more appropriate;
  • Explain the differences between whole herbal extracts and standardized extracts;
  • Help participants make better sense of labels;
  • Help participants separate quality from hype in herbal products and herbal literature.

Beyond Prevention: A Truer Picture of Holism and How Herbs Promote Health

Modern American medicine is one way to view health and sickness, but other valid ways exist. Herbal medicine is an enduring medical model that enables people to take charge of their own wellness. This herbal workshop will explain:

  • How the modern medicine (allopathic) model takes healing and wellness from the hands and power of the individual;
  • How even preventive medicine is part of the modern medicine paradigm;
  • Connection and Separation and a truer Holistic view of heath and wellness;
  • How herbs fit into all health models; 
  • The strengths and weaknesses of conventional medicine and herbal medicine;
  • The difference between building herbs, balancing herbs, and symptomatic herbs, and where and when each is most useful;
  • How and when herbal medicine and allopathy best and least complement one another;
  • How the best healing models go beyond both the allopathic and prevention models.

Strengthening The Immune System With Herbs And Nutrition

This herbal workshop focuses on medicinal herbs, foods and common sense tips that help to build and maintain a strong, healthy immune system, including herbs that strengthen and boost the immune system, symptomatic remedies for acute illness, constitutional remedies for chronic illness, using food as medicine, preventive health advice, and herbal advice for autoimmune diseases and chronic allergies.

This herbal workshop will engage participants in a discussion of herbs and “common sense” tips that help to build and maintain a strong, healthy immune system.  This workshop will:

  • Describe herbs and preparations that strengthen the deep immune core;
  • Explain the difference between symptomatic remedies and constitutional remedies;
  • Discuss foods, culinary herbs, supplements and recipes that build immunity;
  • Differentiate between prevention health model and the modern medicine model
  • Addresses autoimmune diseases and allergies;
  • Discusses herbs, foods, and activities that nourish and support the lymphatic system.

Dealing with Stress: Herbs and Activities That Make a Difference

Stress is epidemic in today’s hectic culture, but there are ways to alleviate or even eliminate stress-induced symptoms and conditions. This talk will explain:

  • Different types of stress and how they affect body, mind, emotions, and spirit;
  • How various emotions affect different body organs and systems;
  • Herbs that strengthen and balance the nervous system and other stress-susceptible systems;
  • How herbs can help restore energy reserves;
  • How simple techniques (awareness, breath, and body) can alleviate stress and anxiety;
  • How aromatic herbs can alter one’s mood;
  • What Flower essences are and how they can help one cope with stress.
herbalist course and herbal workshops outdoors

Herbal & Holistic Health Classes Workshops
Food as Medicine
Making Sense of Herbal Information
Beyond Prevention
Strengthening The Immune System
Dealing With Stress
Holistic Approaches to Lyme Disease 
Holistic Approaches to ADD
Holistic Approaches to Allergies
Holistic Approaches To Diabetes &Hypoglycemia
Kitchen Apothecary: Creating Herbal Remedies

Outdoor Workshops & “Weed” Walks
Backyard Medicinal Herbs
Herb Walk: Wild Plants and their Uses
Ethical Wildcrafting
Herb Gathering & The Lunar Calendar
Opening to the Wisdom of the Plant World
Seasonal Habitat Herb and Nature Walks

Outdoor Services
Botanical Land Surveys
Creating Medicinal Gardens

Mindfulness, Meditation, & Stress Reduction
Awareness, Breath, and Body
Mindfulness & Awareness Skills 

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