Work with medicinal herbs and therapeutic sound is work with consciousness.

Sound has a deep link to emotionality, the subconscious, and physiology. We as humans are electric beings, constantly in motion. We are vibration, we are sound. The frequency depicts the nature.

With infinite possibilities, the gong is the universe. It holds the power of creation within its parameters. It resonates our cells and allows us to listen with the pores of our bodies and our bones within.

From stress reduction and nervous system stimulation to cathartic release, the gong has many uses.

Bringing the gongs to the garden is a treat for me. As I gonged the new oat patch earlier in the season, I began hoping to share the experience with others.

As I’ve heard Chris Marano say, qi follows intentional awareness. I like to say that intention follows sound.

Qi ———> Intentional Awareness ———> Sound

Gongs as part of Plant Attunement may open us up to deeper possibilities. The sounds of the gong can bring us into meditative states of consciousness, leading to different perspectives. This will be my intention while playing the gong.

With intention and awareness, we can exist in an environment for qi and sound to move as we sit with our plant elders in hopes of hearing some of the vast wisdom they have to share.

Please join us for a special edition of Plant Attunement with Gongs in the Garden on Sunday, August 6th, from 1pm – 4pm at the Clearpath Gardens, 119 Old Sunderland Rd, Montague, MA (cost = $20). It’s always a joy to have these Plant Attunement experiences with others who appreciate the natural rhythms of life. 

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