Plant Attunement with Gongs in the Garden is a cherished gathering for me every time.

Not only do I get to share therapeutic sound, something very dear to me, but I also get the chance to sit with people focusing their intention and attention on communing with medicinal plants.

The soundscape is never the same, nor is the Plant Attunement. Plants come offering a message or some medicinal purpose, and the soundscape unfolds based on the conditions of the environment. And my role in participation changes as well; Sometimes I play the drum, but more recently I’ve been drawn to the low vibrations and harmonic connection with gong and didgeridoo.

In August’s Plant Attune with Gongs in the Garden we sat with codonopsis and poke. The experiences were vastly different, even though we engaged with them within the same afternoon, perhaps only 25 minutes apart from one another. The characteristics, medicinal properties, physical attributes and traits of the plants are different, and the way they each communicated was different too.

I was playing gong and focusing on codonopsis when I heard of its ability to “protect the castle”. I took the castle as my physical body, and connected this message with codonopsis’ affinity for helping the kidneys, and in turn, the entire body. There was a kind sweetness coupled with great strength from this adaptogenic herb.

That was the first session of the day. The second one, with poke, was very different, albeit just as powerful.

I heard from poke quicker than any other plant during a Plant Attunement before. It was brash and forceful. It did not waver in its communication and was almost offensive with its commanding nature. I loved it, as did the didgeridoo’s low rumble and the high, cutting harmonics of the gong.

I’m excited for the next Plant Attunement with Gongs in the Garden. The garden has been lovely this year, and this Plant Attunement will be the last of the summer. Please join us for an afternoon of connecting and sharing with medicinal plants to the sounds of therapeutic instruments of gong and didgeridoo. It’s quite the experience for lovers of plants, meditators, and those seeking the natural harmonies of the world.

Plant Attunement with Gongs in the Garden on Sunday, September 10th, 2017:

Location: 119 Old Sunderland Road, Montague, MA

Time: 1-4PM

Cost: $20

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